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first of all I hope not to be OT!
I would like to make a little CNC router to mill small parts with a Proxxon tool (like Dremel).
I'm quite ready for the mechanics and electronic control; now it's time for me to buy three stepper motors.
I found this italian site:
where there are some Nema23 stepper at a good price (isn't it?)
What motor should I buy? There are two types at a special price....
Thanks for all your suggestions!


I'm italian...I already asked in the Italian forum, but I hope that in the international forum I will find more people that can help me..
Sorry, but what is the difference if I am in Europe, America, Asia or Australia?
I'm just asking a technical question...
Thanks for your reply


It depends on your motor driver circuit. What motor drivers are you using?

It also depends on how much force you need to put in to get your axes to move but that's harder to measure.
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Either of those Astrosyn motors would be sufficient to drive your mill. What it doesn't specify is if they are unipolar or bipolar which will make a difference in selecting drivers.
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If your leadscrews are ballscrews then either should be OK - if not then go for more torque to overcome friction.  The Astrosyn make I've bought from ebay before (little ones though) and they seem well made.  These motors don't look that large and torquey for Nema 23's though.

Of course the beefier motors need beefy controller to drive them and this may add to the cost.  If you machine is small it'll need less torque.

You probably need to find the torque requirements for the actual leadscrews and loads you will be driving to be sure.
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