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After a long (almost a month) waiting, the first version of the JeonLab mini PCBs have been delivered from Seeed Studio.  Excited, I quickly assembled one.  

from another angle... JeonLab mini v1.0 assembled

PCB fits well in a small (43.73mm x 35.00mm x 11.00mm) Hammond box.

JeonLab mini v1.0 features:

   * 'mini' means minimal
   * 28-pin DIP ATmega328P with Arduino bootloader
   * Digital pins from 2 to 13 are arranged on one side
   * Analog pins from 0 to 5 are arranged on the other side along with the FTDI-USB connector for an external FTDI breakout board (e.g. from Sparkfun, Adafruit)
   * There is no reset switch, but header pins for RESET and GND are provided
   * A power LED and #13 LED
   * A 0.1uF capacitor for the auto-reset when uploading a sketch
   * Headers for power inlet (+5V and GND)
   * Small enough to fit in a small plastic box (Hammond 1551F, Digi-Key, or Mouser)

Some practical applications will be demonstrated soon on  my blog.


There's no way that took a month, I ordered boards from ITead Studio and it only took 12 days from date of order to my door steps and I think they are in the same area and probably using very similar (if not the exact same) manufacture.

Any errata to share?

Did you use the autorouter in Eagle?

Do you know about Sayal Electronics? Google Map them.


Hi frank:
There was no errata.  They used to ship boards through their Singapore post but this time, they shipped it through Hong Kong post, I guess this took more time.
Anyway, the boards are good.

Yes, I love to use the autorouter of Eagle.  I had to move some components for the autorouter to process 100% but it worked like a charm within a second.

Sayal Electronics? No, I haven't heard about them.  I will google it.  Thanks.

Have a nice weekend, eveyone!


Don't use autoroute unless you have a really good reason to. If you route by hand, you can make your PCB look way better and more efficient. I instantly noticed that you used Eagle's autorouter with near default settings because of the way it made the corners.

Sayal is really close to where you live, drive west on Hwy 7 and then north on Creditstone


Thank you for your comment of the autorouting.  I know the manual routing would make it look better and fun, but I found the auto-routed one was not bad.  I still think the autorouting is good enough for many cases, but I definitely agree that the manual routing make your PCB look nicer. :-) 


An example (simple timer) is posted on my blog with Arduino sketch.  :)


frank-- I have had a chance to look at the Sayal website, but I don't understand why you mentioned them.  They seem to carry some sorts of electronic parts but links are not really intuitive, lack of price and detail info.  I thought you recommended them as a PCB fab house but I couldn't find any link from their website.  Thanks anyway. :-)


frank-- I have had a chance to look at the Sayal website, but I don't understand why you mentioned them.

They are the closest physical-in-person-brick-and-mortar electronics store to where we live, so you don't wait for shipping
Drive west on Hwy-7 then north on Creditstone and bam, candy store for geeks


All right. It was not for PCB fab.  Since it is not far from me (us :-), I will try to visit them soon.
Thanks, frank.

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