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Thanks everyone for your thought inspiring ideas.

Workshop contamination isn't a problem for the GrBL Arduino (or a second Arduino/Raspberry pi G code sender) as I can  put them  in the remote sealed box with the stepper motor drivers and PSU. The switches to stop/start the program can be mounted on the coil winding machine and wired back to the box.

The spring winding operation should be very simple:

1 Manually load pre cut wire onto the machine (wire located by the pre formed spring end loop)
2 Press start button.
3 GrBL winds a couple of closed turns (pitch = wire thickness)
4 GrBL winds 20 open turns at  my programmed pitch distance
5 GrBL winds a couple of closed turns (pitch = wire thickness)(the pre-cut wire falls out of the travelling wire guide as the second closed turn completes)
6 GrBL fast returns both stepper motors to (almost)the start position
GrBL slowly returns both stepper motors to just beyond their start position (but mechanical start position switches remove the enable signal to the stepper drivers at the instant the zero position is reached to ensure everything is properly positioned for winding the next spring).
7 Manually remove the wound spring 
8 GoTo 1 above .

Obviously a PC  will need to be connected during machine/program debugging.

Error messages won't come back from the GrBL arduino as there won't be any (program already debugged)

As the application is slow and simple I think the simple streaming protocol method is OK (many thanks for the link  explaining how the GrBL program works).

If my coil wing machine works well I might look at converting my milling machine to perform simple repetitive CNC operations as well.

Thanks again

You will obviously need to find a lathe version of GRBL. Have you actually set down and written up the G and M codes necessary to do the above operation?

You may need to modify the interpreter code at some point to get it to do what you want.



My plan is to use arduino xyz  GRBL. The X axis is the wire feed (distance between spring turns). I'll GCode program the Y axis  stepper drive as if it was connected to a 1mm pitch leadscrew  So if I want to form one complete turn of my spring I'll just tell GRBL to advance Y by 1mm   (or 2.75mm if I want 2 and 3/4 turns etc).  I know this is a crude solution but  I know it will work.


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