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I want to make a notification tool for an approximate time. I want to be able to set an 'alarm' for a rough time, say between 10-12am and for an alarm to ping when motion is detected within this timeframe but not outside it.

I am thinking I need an arduino nano (it needs to be a small object), an RTC and a sensor.

Am I on the right track or do I need other components?


I am just finishing something like this. It is to help Grandma to remember to take her pills.  My led 8x64 display needed a power supply, also 2 push button switches (set time trip, and disable), case ,  buzzer, power cord, display. I used a nano.
Not sure what you mean by notification tool, I used a buzzer for notification. Three beep and a pause for a minute.


An Arduino Pro Mini and a DS3231 RTC should be okay for this.
Select a display as needed.
Also a few momentary push button switches and an ultrasonic sensor and a case.

Check this thread for construction hints, there are about 550 posts.

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