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[EDIT: I just found out the solution for the maple mini I use in my project. I just had to write this instead
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uint16_t gammaTable[94] [256] __FLASH__ = {...}; then i could just access it as it would be stored in ram... ]
Hey there,
I ve got a problem I could sadly not solve yet...
I want to store a big one dimensional array of uint16_t values and access it dynamically from a function.

This is how i create it
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const uint16_t gammaTable[] PROGMEM = {
0, 15200, 0,0};

Now the problem is that i cannot not get a specific value dynamically with a variable as array index or so. I can get the variable with a static number as index like this:
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But if i want to access it like this it does not work any more.
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void displayFrame() {
  for (int i = 0; i < 192; i++) {
    uint16_t result = pgm_read_word(&gammaTable[i]);

I dont know what i can do to read it that way. Does any know it?

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