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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to reload the DFU bootloader in the ATMega8U2 of the Arduino UNO.
I took the DFU bootloader source code from the D:\arduino-0022\hardware\arduino\firmwares\arduino-usbdfu and placed it in LUFA 100807 project's directory and used WINAVR's programmer's notepad (pn) to generate the .hex file for the DFU bootloader.

I used the commands:
make clean
make all
make program

I kept the Arduino UNO in DFU mode before generating the hex file.
when the 'pn' runs the command make program it is giving the following error:

avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

Do I need to install any USB drivers to make the Arduino UNO in DFU mode to look like a USB device?
If so, where can I find the drivers?
Am I following the right method to reload the DFU bootloader? I followed the readme.txt in the arduino-usbdfu directory.

Best Regards,
Anil Palaparthi.


Same problem man.
I am using Flip , and the moment I enabled the DFU mode , The windows started to look for drivers and then message appeared "can't install drivers " 


If you are using Windows , and Atmel Flip for DFU bootloader programing, then the drivers are located at  : (where ever you installed Flip )\flip 3.4.2\ usb 

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