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But I cant even run this code on Teensy
I was sending Midi signal over Serial port but its not giving any reaction. (I tried any USB Type Serial, Serial-MIDI, Serial-MIDI4x, Serial-MIDI16x) but my Teensy's Led not responding.
The Teensy is a USB MIDI device. Sending Serial data to it will not magically turn it into MIDI messages.

Option one, use a MIDI router, as explained earlier.

Option two, don't use USB MIDI, but use Serial instead, and use Hairless to do the routing.
Also MIDI.h library doesnt work.
I would be surprised, as the last time I used it, it worked perfectly fine, so you'll have to elaborate.


The HairlessMIDI converts USB's MIDI signal to Serial.
But is does not convert a USB host MIDI signal, especially when you have no PC in the mix.

The trouble is you keep moveing the goal posts. That board is needed if you want your keyboard to talk to the Teensy without a PC in the mix, which was one of your configurations you want to use. That board or one like it is needed to connect your keyboard to an Arduino without going through a computer.

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