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I wonder if it is possible to write code to simulate an P-ATA drive to an controller, using an Arduino (Mega or Uno with Buffer-ICs for the lines)

What i want to do is, that i have a navigationsystem using a common DVD-Drive to load it's maps. The DVD and the drive is going to wreck someday because it still is very old. I found out that the drive is using ATA to communicate with the host. I manage to connect it with a PC using a special adapter and it works.

I found some projects to connect ATA-devices (disks and optical drives also) to an Arduino, using it as storage or as music player. What i want to do is the opposite. Connect the Arduino to the host so he is thinking there is his usual DVD drive connected.

Maybe i did not find the correct libs for it, maybe there is none. Would someone assist me in this? :-)
Where to beginn?
For shure, i need to connect the 16 Data-Lines and at least another 8 or more control-lines (5V TTL level) to the Arduino. If i use an Mega i think i need levelshifters inbetween.

But the more relevant question is how to code this emulator.

Oh, one thing left: where the data come from. I think an SD-Card or USB-Stick connected to the Arduino. It should be fast enough so simulate such an old days DVD drive...

Thanks in advance!

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