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Topic: Connecting 2.8in TFT Touchscreen Shield and 1.5in Force Sensor (Square) to UNO (Read 478 times) previous topic - next topic


I like to buy "proto shields" which have an area of prototyping holes to play with. Glue a connector on that shield, wire it to the analog pins you need and stack it between the Arduino and the TFT shield.
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You have the TFT working and it uses up ALL of the UNO's pins?  Are you using 8-bit mode?  Do you need the speed - can you use SPI mode?  Do you need the touchscreen?  Do you need the uSD card?


Yes, the TFT uses up all the UNO pins and I am using 8-bit mode. I would like to use the touchscreen and I do not need the SD card.


You didn't answer this one:

Can you use SPI mode?
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