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I'm working on a project powered by a MKR1000 and I already own a MKR Motor Shield and MKR IMU Shield. These three components connect very well together because it is only a matter of placing one on top of the other, with the Arduino in the middle. However, I would like to connect a HC-05 Bluetooth Module to top it all off, but there's no available pins on the Arduino to plug it in. Is there a way to include the HC-05 in the Arduino even if all the pins are occupied with the stacking of the other components?

Any answer to this that doesn't involve having to use a breadboard would be great :)


Sravya Amirisetti


Thank you for contacting us,I'm Sravya from Arduino Technical support team.

As you mentioned you can use a breadboard to extend the connections. If you don't want to use the breadboard you can connect the IMU shield using the I2C connector on the MKRMotorCarrier (The 4 pin JST connector located close to the power terminal block). The IMU shield also has a 4 pin I2C connector so you can use a 4 channel JST cable or female jumper wires to make the connection. You can now use the available pins in the MKR1000 to connect the Bluetooth module.

To use this setup follow the instructions below:

      1) Place the MKR1000 on top of the MKR Motor Carrier
      2) Connect the  MKR IMU Shield using the 4-pin connector to the motor carrier. The order of the pins are: GND-3V3-SDA-
      3) Listed below are the available pins on the MKR1000, using these pins you can connect the Bluetooth Module.
           -13->RX          -DAC0/A0               -9->SCK       -10->MISO           -GND
           -14->TX          -8->MISO                -7(Digital pin)  -0(Digital pin)   

Have a nice day!

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Thank you so much, I'm rather new at this and that was really helpful.

Side question: I decided to not go with the HC-05, but rather the Mini USB Host Shield 2.0. Can I connect the shield to the MKR1000? If so, which of the available pins does it require?

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