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Hi. I have a 591 kb text file of random sentences, delimited by a special character. I plan on reading text out of this file, one byte at a time. In doing some testing for this project, and to learn how to use the SD class, I have the following code.

I have noticed that file.available() and file.size() return different values (file available tops out at 32767, the max int value, while file size goes to 591272, the actual file size).

Is it a problem that available and size do not give the same value? I had planned on using the value of available to find my way around the file as I read through it.

If I newly open the 591 kb file and ask for bytes available(), wouldn't the actual number of bytes available be more than the value the command can return? Or am I missing something conceptually?

Why doesn't file.available() return an unsigned long?


Code: [Select]
#include <SD.h>
#include <SPI.h>

File myFile1;

const int chipSelect = BUILTIN_SDCARD; //built in sd card
boolean SDfound;

int totalBytesA = 0;
long totalBytesS = 0;

//long digit1 = 500400300;

void setup() {


  if (SDfound == 0) {  // make sure SD card is available
    if (!SD.begin(chipSelect)) {
      Serial.print("not found");
      while (1);
  SDfound = 1;

  myFile1 = SD.open("words.txt");
  if (myFile1) {
    Serial.print("words.txt, total bytes, size: ");
    totalBytesS = myFile1.size();
    Serial.print("words.txt, total bytes, avail: ");
    totalBytesA = myFile1.available();
    // close the file:

  } else {
    // if the file didn't open, print an error:
    Serial.println("error opening words.txt");


void loop() {


Code: [Select]

words.txt, total bytes, size: 591272
words.txt, total bytes, avail: 32767


Trying to answer my own question here, in this forum post BulldogLowell at first implies that file.available() only returns the amount of characters in the Serial buffer:


there is a Serial buffer, containing room for a fixed number of characters.

the bytes available in that buffer is decremented as chars are removed by receiver.


available() returns true as long as there are any characters in the buffer.
PaulS then appears to contradict this, saying:

"there is a Serial buffer, containing room for a fixed number of characters. the bytes available in that buffer is decremented as chars are removed by receiver."

While that is true, that has nothing to do with reading from a file.

The available() method you are using tells you how many bytes between where you last read from the file and the end of the file.
Maybe it only reads to the end on files smaller than 32767 bytes, because the file is smaller than some buffer? On files larger than 32767 bytes, available() returns the buffer size?

Also, maybe this is ridiculous, but just want to add that I tried changing totalBytesA to a long variable type, which predictably, didn't work.


Solved (or at least better understood):

This forum post describes the problem in detail, and that Robtillaart reported it as an issue.

Using size() - position() instead of available() is perhaps the way to go.

The issue report (https://code.google.com/archive/p/arduino/issues/571) also indicates several fixes that involve modifying file.cpp

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