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I just finished an android app that uses a dht11 with arduino over Bluetooth to capture temperature and humidity. Also has wind speed capability though the arduino code isn't there other than a placeholder 0 value.

I wanted to see if anyone here would be willing to test the app and report any bugs/issues/feedback.

You can find the app here:

Tester signup:

arduino code :https://github.com/JamesHarley/BTWeatherStation/blob/master/arduino/bt-weather-arduino/bt-weather-arduino.ino



A couple of screenshots

Here's a brief overview that's also in the play store

This app requires Arduino with a bluetooth adapter and a temperature, humidity, and wind (anemometer) sensor. Sketch: bt-weather-arduino.ino


a compatible setup that sends formatted output through the bluetooth adapter serial in the format @10.00;20.00;30.00@

Parts used:

Arduino (any variant)
HC-06 Bluetooth serial adapter
DHT11 - humidity and temperature sensor
Anemometer -- I included the code to allow for a wind sensor that I'll be adding later

Contact us with any comments and suggestions. Please submit any bugs, errors, or crashes to gnosisdevelop__gmail.com

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