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Hi Todd,

As Blaise Pascal wrote, I would make this response brief if only I had time to do that. 

Initially the reason I put the pdf manual together was to give it to purchasers of the kit to help out in my small way.  So, I am happy to provide it to you privately, as I expect that since you have been going through the kit, you purchased it. 

I do not want to make this complicated, but considering the following, we need a way to exchange the document that satisfies your desire to review the pdf, satisfies Arduino's copyright requirements, and some other concerns Arduino customer support has informed me of. 

I received an email from Carlos Rodriguez, Arduino Customer Support, asking me to hold off on sharing the pdf in a public way and that  only to licensed Arduino Engineering Kit purchasers. 

Arduino Customer support is concerned with
1) the newness of the course, i.e. puting it in the public prmaturely, errors in the course will quickly make the document obsolete,
2) access to the course materials by those who have not purchased the kit,
3) unethical entities who will copy the course and sell an unauthorized version of the kit & course,
4) other concerns.

Nonetheless, I expect that for only $245, if someone unethical wants to copy the kit and course, it is easy enough to simply buy it and do what any decent and honest person would not do.

That being the case, Carlos did not specifically ask that they review it first and I do not see any harm in a collaboration on our part to eliminate any errata going through the kit course, if done privately only among a small group of ethical individuals verified to have purchased the kit.  It seems that will only help out with most of Carlos' concerns. 

Nonetheless, since this forum is public, I do not know how to give you my private email so that I can exchange it privately to you.  I would rather not put my email in the public forum, etc. 

If a forum moderator (or you) can provide guidance on this, so that I am providing it to you privately, somehow verify that you have a valid license, and make sure Arduino customer support is okay with it, I'll send it to you in total, right away.  After all I am not the author, just the lowly scribner.

Best regards,


where are the instructions/videos explaining how to assemble the projects? I've seen several posts referring to them, but have seen no URLs or references in the materials included in the kits.

Sravya Amirisetti


To register your kit with the code on the box in AEK Platform check the link: create.arduino.cc/edu/reg.

To login to the AEK Platform and view the course content visit: create.arduino.cc/edu/courses

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Thanks. While this shows the instructions for Matlab and using the Arduino, I've not been able to find the instructions for building the three physical engineering projects themselves.

Sravya Amirisetti


The AEK course content consists of 6 chapters, the first three chapters are intended to get started with Arduino,  Matlab and Simulink and the last three chapters provides you the instructions to build the three projects.
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Does the platform allow for multiple users login with on registration code?


Hello, I couldn't get the kit since it sold out, how long would it take to be available for sale again? thanks.

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