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My order is in - now I wait on shipping...  I'm not excited at all!


Well now we are two. jeje
Order placed waiting to play with the board.


Make that three. I ordered mine last week. Would love to do some audio DSP stuff with it.


Hi loopmasta. Audio processing is coming. We're planning to have samd21 nact as a USB audio device that sends and receives audio to/from fpga through i2s. We already have a sigma Delta up that turns any pin into a high res dac. Would love to hear suggestions on your use cases... We are thinking about for filters, fft, echo/reverb/chorus/flanger and stuff like that but since we're on it any request is welcome.


Hi Dario,

sounds very promising. Using the samd21 as a USB audio device is exactly what i was hoping for. Looking forward to use it.


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