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The web site (and some review sites) have conflicting information about the 8MB RAM. Some say SRAM and the Arduino web pages says SDRAM in the description and SRAM in the tech specs?

If I was a betting man I would guess it is most likely SDRAM.


I guess it's just me talking to myself :)


case MB_DEV_SF: return "MB_DEV_SF";
case MB_DEV_GPIO: return "MB_DEV_GPIO";
case MB_DEV_GFX: return "MB_DEV_GFX";
case MB_DEV_I2C: return "MB_DEV_I2C";
case MB_DEV_SPI: return "MB_DEV_SPI";
case MB_DEV_UART: return "MB_DEV_UART";
case MB_DEV_QR: return "MB_DEV_QR";
case MB_DEV_SDRAM: return "MB_DEV_SDRAM";
case MB_DEV_ENC: return "MB_DEV_ENC";
case MB_DEV_NP: return "MB_DEV_NP";
case MB_DEV_REG: return "MB_DEV_REG";


you're right, it's a SDRAM. at the moment that is used mostly by internal peripherals such as camera capture, frame buffer for HDMI, pixel buffer for NEOPIXEL etc. we are working to expose that also as general purpose RAM for other uses. suggestions are more than welcome.

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