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I do not know if this is the correct place to post a question but there really isn't anywhere anyone to contact.

I made an entry to the Arduino/Distrelec Contest (posted an idea) and got a confirmation mail. I then waited till after 29th of June to see if I did get a voucher for hardware. When I log into the competition it seems that I will get a "free device" (or is it voucher?). But I haven't received any mail about this. It has been silent for almost a month now and the contest deadline is less than two months away. I really would like to get the possibility to shop for hardware and get on with my competition entry. I tried to simply reply to the confirmation mail but haven't  got any answer.

Is there anyone else there in this competition who has (or has not) received a voucher. I am worried if the contest organizers lost interest in the competition.



I am pretty sure you need to contact Hackster themselves.
Whilst Arduino is associated with the contest as far as I know it was set up by Hackster.

It may not be the answer you were looking for but its the one I am giving based on either experience, educated guess, google (who would have thunk it ! ) or the fact that you gave nothing to go with in the first place so I used my wonky crystal ball.

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