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This is on group gets and the getsparked program as of today.  I'm hoping my design gets picked up by sparkfun.  The example code I wrote is all in Arduino.  I'd love peoples feedback on it.

ESp8266 AC Power Relay


One question : why ? The sonoffs are really cheap, have screw terminals instead of soldering cables, have a case, can be easily used with their app or reprogrammed with an FTDI board, a huge community around them, etc...

I think you just lost your "two years of R&D" because you did no market research. Sorry to be blunt or rude, man, but I could buy 5 sonoffs on Amazon for the price of one of your devices and get it delivered tomorrow, or 10 on aliexpress and wait 3 weeks, and I can't see any obvious advantage you have over them...

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