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Feb 03, 2016, 05:41 am Last Edit: Feb 03, 2016, 05:43 am by CrossRoads
Got a 32 port P-channel MOSFET board all assembled, for those projects where you need to have lots of high current sources, vs 32 port N-channel MOSFET board with lots of high current sinks. Designed for easy daisychaining too of more than ports are needed. Each group of 8 has a seperate power header.
Pullup resistors bring the gates high to turn the MOSFETs off,  easy to shift data into TPIC6C595 shift registers to pull the gates low from 5V or 12V to turn them on.
NDP6020P P-channel MOSFET has low Rds, just 50mOhm with Vgs of -4.5V for nice cool operation.
I'll price them for sale as kits or assembled - board has a nice solid feel to it with all the screw terminals and transistors.

I'll see if I can get some LED strips connected up to check it out tomorrow.

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Wher to get this board?

// Per.


"Got a 32 port P-channel MOSFET board all assembled"

Nice item CrossRoads.

Not sure about much yet & not sure if I will go with multiple 12V or 24V led strip yet.

Is your 12V N channel version still available?

If I were to need a similar 24V/4A version do you know if IRLB8721PbF should do the job ok?

Thanks for any comment. 

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