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Hi there

I have tried the Mkrfox1200 in Lowpower.deepspleep. (The board has its own way of behaving).

I need a board working on its own for as long time as possible.

As a test I have put the board in deep sleep in intervals with a tmp36 temp measure sensor.

I have measured the voltage  between vcc / ground and the current used by the sensor. When the board changes to sleeping mode the values did not change from normal mode.

I think that is important for a long battery life.

Is there a way to turn down all the power consumption /current consumption on the board?


Hi Gormd,

I've seen the same behaviour. What I did has been not to feed the sensors through Vcc directly, but putting an NPN transistor to feed the sensors. The base of the NPN is triggered by an output pin of the board.

If you need more information about that, ask me.

Best regards.


Hej jmsalomr

Thanks for your response - and thanks for your suggestion. I dont know why I didn't thought of this solution - but I uset a digital pin - and rised it high - and I got my voltage :-)

Best regards

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