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This looks really weird. Have you any chance to try a different monitor? Have you ever seen the Arduino logo at boot? I don't think the image comes from the board; more likely that monitor is thinking we output hdcp while for sure we don't...


Aug 11, 2018, 01:11 pm Last Edit: Aug 11, 2018, 03:27 pm by loopmasta
This looks really weird. Have you any chance to try a different monitor?
I ordered a 7'' HDMI monitor to work with the vidor4000. I'll let you know if it works when I get it.

Have you ever seen the Arduino logo at boot?
No. I have never seen any output at the HDMI port. Thats why I started this thread (topic) in the first place.


ok. let me know if you don't manage to get any output. it may as well be an hardware issue on your board, in which case please contact service and you'll get a replacement.


Aug 23, 2018, 02:33 pm Last Edit: Aug 23, 2018, 04:07 pm by loopmasta
Hi Dario, I finally got my Waveshare 7'' 1024x600 HDMI display and when i double tap the reset button the display just slowly turns white. Nothing else. The display works fine with my Pi, PS4, and Mac.


Hi loopmasta.
Seems to me monitor slowly turning white means it's not able to cope with the signal. Please try hooking up a PC or something else at 640x480. If it displays then I suggest you request a replacement board.

Please contact support@arduino.cc and link to this forum post to get the process started.




I just bought an mkr vidor 4000 and test this board.

I tried without success the vidor draw logo. Compiling and televerse are good.

But nothing on the monitor even changing it.

I tried also with DVI - HDMI - Micro HDMI. No outout on the monitor.

I check if all libraries are updated.

So what is wrong ? I suppose that this sketch with is an example, does run.

Thank to help me.



Hi alorbac, please try putting board in bootloader mode by quickly doubletapping the button. Red LED should start pulsing and you should be able to see the Arduino logo. If that does not work for you please follow the instructions here:https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=561393.0
If this doesn't work either then either the board has some issues or your monitor does not support 640x480 resolution.




   I tried with an very old monitor and ... it run.

   Thank for your help and hope that this board 'll progress in the future months.




Since this thread is about HDMI, I thought I'd ask here.

What version of HDMI is the port on the Vidor 4000? I have one which is meant to turn up in the post today, and I want to be able to drive graphics output when using the FPGA from Verilog using the Quartus Prime IDE from Intel.

I want to do this myself rather than using the already existing library as a learning experience.


Hi Cromulent,

In fact the board has an HDMI connector but the protocol used for now is DVI.
If you want to drive graphics output with your own verilog code, you can see my tutorial here :

DVI article (google translation)

DVI article (french version)


Hi guys, although HDMI would be possible we can't legally post sources for that as HDMI is requiring licenses and we don't want to get into it. It's a shame we can't output audio along with video but we have to respect the decision of patent holders to request money for their work.
As Philippe kindly anticipated, as a result we only support DVI and this won't change, unfortunately, at least officially. If for personal use you want HDMI I'm sure you can find a way to expand the IP for that...

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