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Hey guys, I want to install on a friend's car a HUD with some extra info that dashboard does not shows (like engine timing, intake temp, and so).

I found an old Arduino library called "Nissan Consult Arduino Library v1.0", but most people says that it does not work properly and can't connect with the car, data is not correct, and stuff like that.

I thought that I could use a Nissan software and try to do a sniffer like I did with my Fiat Grande Punto, but I don't know the protocol that is being used between RS232 and the FTDI chip, on my Fiat I use ELM327 and the protocol is ISO15765-4, and between CAN chip (PIC25k80) and the FTDI there are just ELM327 AT commands.

I found this to modify a Nissan 14-PIN adapter and bypass FTDI Chip and connect a Bluetooth module or direct to the arduino:

So, do you know how can I connect with it? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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