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Is it possible to get to the values mentioned in the project (1023,990 & 1010, 505 & 515, 5 & 10) without trying the buttons and seeing what the analogRead comes up with?

Eg. if I were to use resistors with values 100 ohm, 1K ohm, 100K ohm and 5 megaohm => what values should I put in my code?


The analog inputs convert from an analog voltage to a digital format in bits when you have 0 volts on analog pin the digital output is 0 and when you have 5 volts input you get 1023. You can use the map to change these values. Normally a 10 k pot is used to adjust 0 to 5v but sensors can also be used. You can write values to serial monitor. I am not sure where you would be using 5 meg

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