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I'm a new robotics teacher and have a question about the usability of different types of boards. I have, in my possession, several Uno's, but also Uno R3's and a Red Board. Does anyone know if using a mixture of all of them will give me technical problems or is there no reason to worry?


If by "Uno" you mean the pre-R3 uno, the difference is it's missing the SDA/SCL, and IOREF pins, which the R3 and RedBoard have. SDA and SCL are also on pins A4 and A5. IOREF is just a 5 V line. So the lack of these pins on the Uno is no problem for manual wiring. The only issue is if you're trying to use specific shields that require those pins. That would be shields with I2C communication or which use IOREF to determine logic levels.

The Redboard uses a different USB connector than the Uno/Uno R3 so you need to make sure the students get the correct USB cable to go with their board.

The RedBoard uses a different USB to TTL serial adapter chip but that shouldn't make any difference. People do sometimes reprogram the ATmega16U2 adapter chip used on the Uno for special USB functionality and you can't do that on the RedBoard, but that's pretty rare.


i had never mixture any type of arduino.

have you see this page?


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