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Hello Group!

Anyone know when this board will be available? I did put my email into the waiting list to be notified. Just wondering if anyone on here knows a date? Thanks!


I'm interested in a few of these as well for an upcoming project.  The announcement said they would be available at the end of June.

What's the hold up?


Digi-Key and Mouser have them listed on back order, due in September.


Anyone heard anything about the availability of this new board?  I've got a project for this I need to start working on, and Digi-Key still does not have any and no news about the delay.


It's available now, I have one in my hands and I am attempting to power it up!
The board is coming up as BN: Atmel atmega328p Xplained mini


Some resources still exist. a couple of videos on UK sites.

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