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With Arduino there is only one SPI port available for general use and the pin number are hard coded into the SPI library.

But ESP32 has 3 SPI ports available and there is now ESP32 example sketch to see how the 3 possible SPI ports are handled with the ESP32 SPI library.


Looking at the SPI library for the ESP32 and it seems to have a overloaded function that you can use to specify the SPI pins to use.
Code: [Select]
void begin(int8_t sck=-1, int8_t miso=-1, int8_t mosi=-1, int8_t ss=-1);

is uses defaults
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       _sck = (_spi_num == VSPI) ? SCK : 14;
        _miso = (_spi_num == VSPI) ? MISO : 12;
        _mosi = (_spi_num == VSPI) ? MOSI : 13;
        _ss = (_spi_num == VSPI) ? SS : 15;
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I use this, found by Mr Google.

SPI.begin(SCK, MISO, MOSI, SS);               

SCK, MISO, MOSI, SS are the pin numbers.
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