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Hi there,

I have wanted to build my own poker table for a long time but have also wanted to be able to stream the games on Twitch. As I am planning to undergo this project very soon I have been looking into the different methods of displaying what each person at the table's hand is on stream.

After doing some research I have decided to use RFID reader modules attached to Arduino's to read the NFC tag stickers that are on the playing cards. My friend and I believe we will be able to code the software side of things, but I wanted to know how the hardware side would work.

If I have 10 RFID readers all reading 2 cards at once, how many Arduino's would I need for them? I am hoping I wouldn't need one for each reader.

I have a lot of other questions about this sort of thing but I think that is enough for now.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me :)

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If I have 10 RFID readers all reading 2 cards at once,
An RFID system does not normally read more than one tag in the field at any one time. Most RFID cards will not work if there is more than one card being presented to the reader.

how many Arduino's would I need for them?
I think you have what is called a green grocers apostrophe there. If you are referring to the plural of Arduino it is just Arduinos. If you are referring to something belonging to an Arduino it is indeed Arduino's, like "the Arduino's current draw".

You can fit as many readers as you want on an Arduino, a lot depends on the interface you have. For example if you have an SPI interface it is unlimited, if you have a serial interface you are limited to the number of hardware serial ports you have.

In this project I used three readers on an Arduino:- http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/Crazy_People.html In this project I built 32 readers into one Arduino http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/RFID_Sequencer.html



i'm working on this subject since 2 years....(after business hours).
You can see the documentation on : https://smartpoker.jimdo.com/
and the website for the result : http://smartpoker.fr

It's not finish, i just a problem of quality of data between the Mega and the ESP01, so the data received by the website are not always correct...i'm working on it.

the price :around 35 euros by player and 50 euros for the board.
i'm a newby that why it's takes me so much times.

best regards.

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