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Is anyone aware if there are any plans to improve the library by removing the blocking delays and refine the message handling.

I have introduced some debug code and see responses can be out of sequence and as the library does not handle this well it results in a lot of additional error handling in the application code.

I am happy to get involved but as I am struggling to find any decent documentation so I am not sure that input would be welcome.

Any ideas or advice appreciated.



The only thing I am worrying about is that I am not yet able to receive downlink messages, but since I am using a Rpi based single channel gateway, I am not yet sure who is responsible of this.
The LoraSendReceive example seems to listen on RX1 only, by the way.
The 2 minutes delay is more or less compatible with LoRaWAN and TTN limitations.


From what i understand the single channel gateway cannot send a downlink as with a single frequency it can only operate at one frequency and the download/reply uses another frequency. So according to others out there you will never see a downlink.

I tried this with a Multitech Conduit and it works fine, but with a Dragino LG01 I get nothing.


In the meantime I was able to see downlinks with the same setup, but only at SF7, when the standard is downlink on RX1. When on SF9/SF12, no.
So, it's not the gateway (or at least for most part is not).

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