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I am making my own small CNC.

Now I do have step motors but I ma in lack of drivers. Nor am I going to buy them any time soon. But what I have is a lot of floppy drives.

I did change the connection from the internal motors to the external ones and my small Arduino Uno based CNC with floppy drives works.

The only problem for the floppy drivers is that it can only do 80 steps. It won't go beyond 80 unless.

I can't remember which feed rate I used in the cnc engraving software, but either way I can with my current setup only use around 2cm*2cm area.

Now is there a possibility that a driver can also be hacked to let's say reset the amount of taken steps each time the motor does move?


You can hack the driver all you want but if the motor is not physically capable of making more than those 80 steps (I guess that's an end to end movement based on your very limited description of the problem) you won't have any change in performance.
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Well there are microstep controllers that might be able to give you half step or better resolution.
Generally the HD floppy drive was already overlapped under the read/write head so even with more steps, that fat head can only distinguish pretty much the default amount of data.

Now a parallel port ZIP drive..........

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