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Im going to start a project this week end for a new desk accessory.

Basically ive built a perspex box to house this in (so it looks cool and you can see all the internals).

I want to have an LCD, real time clock module, 5 leds, and a 4 part seven segment display (like an alarm clock).

I want to use the lcd to display cpu temp, core temps and such, maybe even alert for new e-mails, and i want to use the clock module with the 7 segment display to display the time.

Can an arduino handle all this or am i expecting to much, in the basic planning ive done, i have figured that i have more than enough outputs.

Any comments or ideas?


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I don't think Arduino will have any problems doing that.

But of course writing the PC side software is not totally triviel :-)


I found i programme which can send the stats i want from the pc to the arduino via serial.

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