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Yeah you should be able to find a suitable MAP sensor.  Some NA engines use them to measure manifold vacuum.


Apart from connecting to the obd port on my car i don't screw around with anything electomechanical in my car especially something as critical as brakes


If you arnt confident and dont know what you are doing then I suggest you dont.
I am confident and do know what I am doing.

The sensor arrived this morning. £19.99 including delivery.

Hooked up 5v, ground and my multimeter to the sensor output and it works.
Had to do a bit of digging to find pin out.
They are labelled A, B & C inside the connector.
A - 5v
B - Gnd
C - Signal
They are not all the same. On some B & C are switched.

Had 4.5v at atmosphere.
Sucked hard on it and got it down to about 3.5v
Now I need to rig something up to test it on the car.

And yes by rig something up I do mean I will make it safe and ensure that I dont lose my brakes and crash into the nearest nuclear power station and inadvertently start world war 3.



Good luck, no i would not b confident        

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