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Hi everyone.
After seeing an instructable on how to make one of these:
I, of course, concluded that I should have one in my house too, as it is obviously an important part of every household.  :D
But, instead of breaking apart an mp3 player to play the "ka-ching" sound like the guy in the instructable did, I decided to use a piezo buzzer (or an 8ohm speaker), using the Arduino tone library to generate the square wave.
Now, it's really not a big deal, but the sound I get is, although almost identical to the original one, kinda too clean. I mean, if you listen to this clip:
You can hear just a slight amount of some kind of distortion, or whatever it is, that gives it that retro feel. So, I was wondering, can I do the same thing with the piezo, and how? Should I somehow alter the square wave, or maybe use more than one output with a slight delay/offtune between the signals?
I could also expand the topic to something like "What kind of effects can you actually get with the piezo buzzer, and how?", so feel free to post whatever you may have discovered while messing around with it.


You can get the sounds in .WAV format from here:  http://www.themushroomkingdom.net/wav.shtml

If you look at the waveform with a sound editing program like Audacity you might get some ideas of how to generate the sound in software.
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