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I have a computer in an electric car I am building producing CAN messages. I have these CAN messages and how to decode them. I need my arduino mega to
1. send a can message 0x820 once on power up to turn things on
2. drive two x27 stepper motors (270 degree sweep) to display speed (0-160km/h) and power (0-1200kw) being used by and electric motor. this data is produced by the inverter as CAN messages. i have the details of these can messages and how to decode the CAN data into a human understandable digit 0-160km/h or 0-1200kw. however you want to describe that process.
3. Drive a small electric motor to drive an analogue odometer displaying the number of km driven. At this moment I cant recall the gearing but I can find it.
4. Send a CAN message in response to one of three Hall effect sensors being triggered (to change gears) 0x824 0x001 (drive), 0x0824 0x002 (neutral) and 0x824 0x003 (reverse). This message needs to be repeatedly sent every 100ms, if error occurs, it should resort to neutral.

Ive attempted this myself and have compeleted requirement one, but included it for completeness. In time could probably achieve three and four but I should recognise my limits. I imagine there may be more detail you want about hardware, requirements etc, i have described what i thought might be necessary. I have left out some details for brevity. let me know. yes i'm willing to pay you. open to discussion on what this looks like.

hardware I have
Arduino mega 2560
x27 stepper motors
arduino uno
3 hall effect sensors  (https://www.jaycar.com.au/arduino-compatible-hall-effect-sensor-module/p/XC4434_
some sparkfun CAN shields.

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