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Aug 30, 2018, 02:53 pm Last Edit: Sep 02, 2018, 10:32 am by shayelk
Hi all!
I'm starting a project where I'll have a camera looking at a 4m*4m wall, and a number of green laser pointers mounted on 2-axis servo motors.
The goal is to have the user choose specific features in the frame (which he/she will see in an app), and have the laser pointers pointing to these points on the wall.
As the camera will be fixed, I wouldn't actually need to recognise the features, but only extract the X,Y coordinates of the points selected by the user, and make sure the laser points get to these points.

I can handle the servos and the control algorithm, but I don't have experience with cameras connected to the Arduino, so I'm not sure what type of camera I need, so I'd really appreciate your advice:
What resolution am I going to have to use?
Is there anything special I'll need to look at to make sure the camera will be able to "see" the laser point?
Do I need color, or will black-and-white do the trick, as the laser point is going to be much brighter than its surrounding?
Anything else I didn't think of?

Thanks a lot!

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