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For my grandson I am designing project PCB with a Arduino UNO onboard. Here is where I am at with it. https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=565964.0

I am stuck on the physical pin header placement for the UNO.  I have an UNO clone here and Sparkfun blank PCB shield which I thought might be helpful whilst laying out the UNO part of this project, unfortunately the two have physically different header placement between the headers? I now don't know which one to trust?

I have looked on the site here to see if I couldn't find an official header pin header placement with dimensions and have been unable to locate it if it exists?

If anyone can confirm what the distance is between the A0-A5 (6pin) > 5V, 3.3V, GND (8 pin) headers and between the PD0-PD7 (8 pin) > PB0-PB5, GND, AREF, PC4-PC5 (10 pin) header.

The discrepancy is around .9mm enough to be off pitch if I get it wrong.

Appreciate any assistance.




Can you post a picture?
Uno pin placement, especially the spacing between d7 and d8, is "weird", and won't match a normal 0.1 inch grid, but a sparkfun "proto shield " designed for Arduino should match.


Not an answer you may want  but .... The pin layout of the NANO matches 0.1"  and you can layout boards to accept it with no problems .


The header with pins 8-13 is offset by .040" (1.016 mm).
Totally by accident, in a hurry.

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