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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to create a tool for Arduino; I've made a simple one and launched it on Processing, and it works, but when I try with Arduino, it crashes.
Is it possible that the lastest Processing version isn't compatible with Arduino ?
If someone achieves to make Arduino tools now, or know how to do, please reaply me.
Thanks ;)


How can we tell without seeing your code?

You haven't even taken the trouble to tell us what the tool does.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


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I believe that, very early on, Arduino stopped pulling in any changes from Processing. It's possible they never have, only starting from the Wiring IDE and setting off on their own from there.

Unfortunately there seems to be almost no documentation of how to create tools for the Arduino IDE. The only thing I've found is the Mangler example tool source code included with the Arduino IDE. With more resources, maybe the community would produce some very useful tools. I think most people aren't even aware of the possibility of creating tools. I've only ever seen two 3rd party tools (both for the ESP8266) and the official WiFi101 firmware updater.

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