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Hello internet denizens!

First, disclosures:

  • This is going to be a lengthy post, I apologize.
  • I dabbled in Arduino years ago, but am by no means an expert...or even a novice at this point.
  • I realize I have more money than sense.

     For years I have envisioned being able to one day remove bulky computers from my day-to-day life and perform most of my daily computing from my phone. This idea isn't new, from DIY instructables to countless crowdfunding campaigns even to large multi-nationals, this idea has been around for awhile. For one reason or another none of these have been very successful and I am tired of waiting.

     Along comes Samsung with Dex. Now the world's largest mobile phone maker is working on this idea, and best of all, I already own one! So what's the problem, why aren't I elated, why am I not screaming from the rooftops "The future is finally here!"? Because the geniuses took the ultimate mobile computer and turned it into a desktop... There isn't a laptop shell to accompany this awesome new feature of the Samsung universe! You can buy a Dex Station or a Dex Pad or just the Note 9 which can enter Dex mode by simply plugging it into a monitor, but no mobile option is available.

     What I want to do is conceptually simple. I want to create a laptop shell that incorporates a wired monitor, a bluetooth keyboard, a couple of cooling fans and USB-A ports, and a standard rechargeable battery pack, with the phone able to dock where a trackpad would typically be (Project Linda from Razer is essentially the look I am talking about). The difficult part has already been handled by Samsung, when you plug the Note 9 into a monitor it switches into Dex mode and can recognize peripherals, I just need a "control board" to act as the middle man and direct power/data where it needs to go.

     I have the knowledge and capabilities to design and create the physical laptop case. I have experience with soldering and making very basic PCBs, and I have the money to do it all well. What I don't have is the knowledge necessary to design this "control board". What I am asking the community for is input on how potentially difficult this is (if it's even possible) and to point me to a few places that will get me started while skipping the lessons on making an LED blink... I have no desire to make this for the masses and support everyone else using whatever design is ultimately created to make their own Dex Laptops or LEX  8)  (hell, you can even use the name).

     The attached PDF (made with the most sophisticated of graphic arts software known as "Word") will give a visual idea of the various components I am initially thinking about, along with another example of what Samsung should have done. None of the images of specific products should be interpreted as what I am using, but rather as examples of the type of product that would be used.

     If anyone has constructive feedback or ideas, I am all ears. As I said, I have been looking for this for years, even sending friends in Europe money to buy Ubuntu phones because of the promise of Convergence. I would wait for Razer's Linda, but who knows if that will happen, plus I don't really have the need for a gaming phone...

     Thank You.


Interesting product... I don't see why it needs a control board.  Battery needs it's own circuitry for maintenance, charging and protection.

Looks like you need a dock with cabling for HDMI, I would just use USB keyboard but bluetooth is fine.  Again, just a power switch would work.

Looks like they have it solved if you buy the note.
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See this video I saw today.

This screen is very expensive and I spend the day searching for a cheaper one. If you get anything, tell me ok.


Ahh, you just want to make your own cheaper... doesn't always work like that (sometimes it does).  There are many times when my projects cost much more than what you can buy.  Not just the components but time and tools needed to complete the project. 

The big companies have tons of resources tied into R&D as well as economies of scale as they mass produce product to bring down per piece pricing. Once the R&D has been paid for and the early adopters are done the pricing will come down.

Think about the 4K TV, when they first hit market they were thousands... not too long ago.  Now a 55 inch is about $300-400.  If the idea catches on it'll get cheaper.
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