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I got a new Arduino UNO R3 from an authorized distributor.

When I tried to connect it to my computer it appeared as "Device not recognized". I had had other arduino devices linked to my computer, so I already had the software, and they always worked perfectly.

I reinstalled the software and the drivers manually to make sure everyhing was ok. I tried to update the drivers to the "unknown device" in the device manager. However, it either says that the best drivers are already installed or, when I chose the "arduino.inf" file from the disk it says that is not compatible with the device.

I don't know if there is anything else that I can do and would appreciate some help.

Does this mean that my device or cable is damaged?


Does the black chip on the board next to the USB jack say MEGA16U2?


Did you try connect it on a different pc/laptop?

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