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I want to modify an HP 10bll+ calculator with something like an Audrino mini to include the Wolfgram alpha program. For those who don't know Wolfgram alpha is a calculator App and website that shows you how to solve any math problem step by step, if I could make that program run on a modified calculator it would make my maths easier to calculate and more understandable, it would just be very handy in general . The thing is I´m far far far from a pro at Audrino project´s and I don´t know how much effort it would take or what to really do to make it work.

Since Wolfram Alpha program is on Android and Windows and can also be used from their website. So I guess I would just need to rip out the circuit board in the calculator and install an Audrino mini in it. Then I would need to code it so that the Audrino would boot up in the Wolfram Alpha program or code it in web-based API linked to their site. Then make the numbers on the calculator input the proper numbers and symbols in the display, since the answer is solved and shown step by step I would need to make the steps scrollable on two up and down buttons.

The problem I have with this is that I most importantly am unsure of how to make the buttons on the calculator send an input to the Audrino since the buttons on the calculator will be hard to make functional after I rip out the normal circuit board and if I try to modify the buttons on the circuit board by connecting the circuit board to the Audrino it wouldn´t be enough space.

2nd problem is, of course, making the code, I only understand the very basics of LUA and Phyton so coding it would be a challenge for me but something I hopefully think I Could overcome... with a bit of help. I wouldn´t think that it would be that hard to make the Audrino boot up into something like the android version of Wolfram Alpha and give a display output with two scrollable up and down buttons.

I know I´m asking for how to do basically every step in my DIY Wolfram alpha calculator and for strangers to offer their time to help a stranger on the internet is asking for a lot. Therefore I´m willing to pay by Paypal 150 Dollar for giving me clear instructions on how to make the Calculator buttons connect to the Audrino and writing the code for the Audrino to be able to run Wolfgram Alpha and connect to the display

Since people are afraid of scammers I could offer to pay you parts of the payment each time you are able to show me that you're making progress.

If anyone is interested you can add me on Discord: Swala#6799


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@Petterson1 what your asking is simply impossible...

First you need internet access... Wifi or wired.

Even if you could find an Arduino (or other board) that would give you internet access it would require you to find the pinout of the keypad matrix as well as how to interface the 12 digits LCD display of that calculator. These, even if they could be reversed engineer, would not be easy to find yet alone write the code for it. You would probably spend weeks if not months just on that task.

Let's say that you have the 2 challenges above solved. You need to find a way to connect the aparentus to the wifi network where you are at to use it. That means entering an alphanumerical SSID and password. Not easy to have something to work on a 12 digits display that is made to display numbers and a keypad of a calculator..

Next would be how to interface to the Wolfgram alpha API and interact with it using a calculator keypad and again with a display that is made to display 12 numbers only...

Just use your iPhone or Android phone or buy a used one and use the app on it. Will probably cost you less than 150$ and you will not have lost 6 months of your life trying the impossible.

Just my 2 cents.


Since Wolfram Alpha program is on Android and Windows [...] the Audrino would boot up in the Wolfram Alpha program
Why don't you start by installing Android or Windows on an Arduino. See how far you get.
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