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Hi Mark,

Yes I'm afraid it does have to be live. I am building a performance interface. Thanks for the suggestion about the pre-recorded file though.

If USB to midi interfaces do not have very accurate timing could you recommend another way to get accurate midi information out of my laptop?



I think the trouble with USB in general is that it gathers things into a buffer and only transfers it when the host asks it if it has any data. This is how all USB interfaces work.

How often it is polled is down to the host PC and the USB client. I think the client requests a polling rate and then PC accepts it or not. It is all part of the USB enumeration process.

In theory you should be able to hack the Arduino USBMIDI libiary to increase the polling rate. Otherwise I think you might be stuck because computers don't have serial ports anymore, and adding one to the PC is normally done through USB.

OSC ( Open Sound Control ) might be the way to go, this goes through the Ethernet port, but again their is no guarantee on when Ethernet stuff arrives also.   


This ancient library might be useful perhaps: http://projectgus.github.io/hairless-midiserial/

At least it mentions the issue of low latency/jitter with FTDI based USB serial for MIDI
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