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Hi Arduinoers.

I am a novice Arduino enthusiast.  I find that if you know what to ask for in a search, you can usually find some pretty good code as a basis to get me going.

My project.  bladder of air will inflate and deflate based on a pressure sensor on the outside of the bladder which presses against a weight.  This iwll happen from an air compressor attached to a solenoid valve so that it will maintain a small amount of pressure no matter what the position of the weight.

secondly, when a giro tilts to one side, it will increase the pressure of the bladder by allowing more air in, so the sensor would effectively have a higher threshold before it either shuts of the air in, and/or deflates the bladder.  This will give the impression of higher pressure and when the giro is back to flat, it would go back to the original sensor setting... and everywhere in between.

Even some sort of guidance on the code would be great guys.  I am really stuck.



You chose your pressure sensors and giro, then google for arduino and the product name/number of the chosen component(s). You may have to join a couple of sketches together. Operating the relay (module) is trivial.


When I'm searching for code library for components my first search are done at PlatformIO library: https://platformio.org/lib

Then github.com and gitlab.com and if all fails google and https://arduino.stackexchange.com/

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