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hi everyone.
im new to arduino and electronics in general.

was wondering if anyone could tell me ..

1. if i use an H-bridge L298N. can i power it with 5v from arduino?
2. how many dc motor can run using the 5 volts from arduino?
3. if i provide 12 volts external power to the h bridge.. can i also run the arduino with the same 12 volts or do i need to supple arduino with separate power supply?
4. i have 2 x 12 volts dc motors. can i run them 2 motors using a single h-bridge since my input power supply is 12 volts ( but my 2 dc motor using 12 volts + 12 volts = 24 volts to run?

thanks in advance.


1. Not really. If you do the motors only get about 3V max.
2. So almost no motors will work on such a low voltage
3. Same supply will work.
4. Not how it works. Motors are in parallel so both see 12V. Having two means that they take more current NOT more voltage.



thank you Mr steve.

i also have a 3v dc motor will it work?
thank you


You'll get a lot more responses if you write a better title. Everyone here is "seeking answers".

It is also better if you start off with what you are trying to do. Be specific as possible, and don't just say "motor". DC motor? Stepper motor? How much current? DC brushless motor? 3 phase 5kVA 440V AC squirrel cage industrial motor?
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Yes, the point of the subject line is to allow people to judge what topic is being asked about,
not to state a given!

Lots of grief can be had powering Arduino's from the same supply as motors.  Its not recommended,
motor supplies are dirty with voltage spikes, tend to drop out briefly on stalls and motor starts, and
generally turns a highly reliable microcontroller into a frustratingly misbehaving beast.

Use separate power for motors.  Ensure the motor power is turned on before the Arduino power, otherwise
you can get the situation where the 5V Arduino rail is drained through the motor driver chip into the motor.

Check your motor driver can handle the stall current of the motor(s) in question.  If not it may fry, again
a frustrating experience.  If you want to rapidly reverse a motor, check the motor driver can handle
double the stall current of the motor(s), because thats the current that flows in that situation.
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