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I am grateful for any help I can receive from this forums. I am current a senior EE student using an Arduino to drive an inverter (via gate driver) to produce 60Hz AC from the DC from solar panels.

My current is finding a way to have "Phase Locked Loop Control" on the Arduino. The output will be connected to the grid, and thus must be locked in phase.

I stumbled across this thread, https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=143373.0

Can anyone explain the last post on the thread to me? Or just how to get the Arduino to be able to handle this process?


You don't want a phase locked loop, you want a delay locked loop (DLL).   A DLL has much lower jitter and you can easily measure the period of the signal you are locking to by just timing zero crossings of your reference signal.

You can use the library found here.  When a reference zero crossing occurs you can call playTone(60) or use whatever argument is needed to match your reference signal period.

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