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Sep 18, 2018, 07:44 pm Last Edit: Sep 18, 2018, 07:45 pm by IhopeIamNotStupid

i have two HC-06 modules with different hardware versions (written on the backside of the modules):

ZS-040 and GW-040

The first one ZS-040 i used a lot & it responds well to AT-commands (rename, change baudrate, etc. works fine).

But with the new GW-040 things are working bad. It responded to AT (answer OK) only after i  removed the newline ('\n' character), which i had to send to the old module (ZS-040) to work fine. All other commands still do not work on the GW-040. Connecting a Bluetooth-device to the module works, but i have to rename it, because my students use a lot of the modules in the same room, which is not realy satisfying if all the modules have the same preinstalled name "HC-06".

So my question: has anybody some experience with the GW-040 version of HC-06 and got other AT-commands to work (especially AT+Name)? I can't find any docs in the www about this GW-040 version.

Thanks for any helpfull replies;)


What's happening here is far from clear. One possibility is that you are not reading responses, but just echoes of your own commands. I say this because this thread is ostensibly about HC-06 and, while HC-05s are named HC-05, I understand HC-06 always responds as LINVOR. I have never heard of one that is named HC-06 by default.

GW-040 and ZS-040 are names not relevant to the bluetooth module - they are simply names of the backboards on which the modules are installed. The only operational variation I am aware of is the different display of the on-board LED when connected.

It is possible that you have an HC-05, which has a quite different configuration procedure, as well as an HC-06. If an HC-0x module has only four pins, it is sure to be an HC-06, but the only way to be absolutely certain of which is which is to sniff it with a phone, see what comes up, and read the name closely - twice.

As I get the impression you have only just started using Bluetooth, you might find the following childs' guide useful. There is a bit on config ZS-040 HC-05 in the appendix.


If an HC-05 has snuck into the mix, it can be used just like an HC-06 anyway.


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Thanks for your quick reply,

and yes, its far from clear.

just for clarification:
i worked already with the HC-06 (ZS-040 version), everything works fine, i can set all
parameters via AT-Commands(name, baudrate, password), pairing & talk with other bluetooth devices.
These modules were all named 'LINVOR'.

Now i ordered some more HC-06 and got some modules with GW-040 written on the backside,
anything else looks quite the same.
(4 pins, same chipset, LED'S are a little bit different like you mentioned, no push button like HC-05 has!).

The new modules are NOT named 'LINVOR', they are called 'HC-06' at the bluetooth pairing screen.
I can pair to them and data transfer between Arduino and Device is working fine.

But the new modules didn't respond to the code for AT-Commands, which worked fine with the ZS-040 version.
Hence i can't rename the new modules, what is a nausea, when you have students work in one room with
modules that all have the same name (makes pairing a little bit difficult!).

I have as well an HC-05-module and i can change the name of it. I had the same guess as you did: "maybe they did send me a HC-05!".
Hence i tried to programm the new module like a HC-05, but this did not work as well.

I attached a file to this post, which works fine with ZS-040 backboard and changes the module name,
doesn' work as well with the GW-040 backboard. the received answers for both modules if you run the sketch:

for GW-040 backboard:
Send 'AT'                               -> OK
Send 'AT+NAME'                    -> OKsetname
Send 'AT+NAME:NewName'    -> OKsetnameOKsetname
Send 'AT+NAME'                    -> OKsetname

for ZS-040 backboard:
Send 'AT'                                -> OK
Send 'AT+NAME'                     -> +NAME:OldName OK
Send 'AT+NAME:NewName'      -> OK OK
Send 'AT+NAME'                      ->+NAME:NewName OK

My hope is, that somebody as well received some HC-06-modules with GW-040 backboard and
can tell me what i should change to be able to rename the modules (i want to change the baudrate as well!). Maybe its just a stupid mistake of mine?

Thanks so far, hopefully ....


Maybe its just a stupid mistake of mine?
I think not, but I have no explanation, because
(4 pins, .......... no push button like HC-05 has!).
The new modules are NOT named 'LINVOR', they are called 'HC-06'
is indeed sufficiently clear.

Not having ever used a GW-040, the following may be a bit rash, but on the basis that one HC-06 should look, walk, and quack just like any other, I would be inclined to send them back.  I say this particularly because about the only explanation behind what you are saying is that they are HC-05s - put together by an idiot on the wrong boards and slack configuration. The only proof of this that I can think of is that you might see activity on pin31, which is not connected on an HC-06. 


Waste of time, think you are right, they are wrongly assembled.  Maybe i will check the signals on pin 31  & 34 before i sink them in the toilet THX for your help.


I would be interested to hear of the result........



Checked Pin31 -> there is activity, like you guessed! 
             Pin34 -> 0V = low -> mini AT-Mode with HC-05
Final try: i set Pin34 high (which means full AT-Mode with HC-05 as i understand) -> nothing changes.

Now i think its time stop the waste of time and go to the toilet ...



Thanks for that. I have produced some beginners' notes for HC-0x, and I think your experience is worth adding.

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