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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if the Vidor 4000 would be a good choice for developing a very simple CPU. I already know how processors work in theory and when I was looking for an easy way to create my own design without using discrete logic I stumbled across FPGA's. I was already familiar with Arduino so when Arduino released theirs I thought I should use that. The thing is the Vidor seems to be used mostly for DSP like stuff. My question is if it's possible to use the Vidor for creating a small softcore or if that's very hard and impractical.

Thanks in advance,



Of course it's possible!

If you search the Web you will find both implementations of real processors (for example the old 8 bit, 6502, 8080, Z80, 6800) and processors designed specifically to be implemented on FPGA (MicroBlaze by Xilinx, NIOS by Altera, ZPU by Zylin).

The project for which I took the Vidor is a retrogaming console, where old consoles are synthesized rather than emulated ... but it's a long-long-term project.


Hi guys,
not only you can implement soft cores in the FPGA, we already did! the whole Remote Procedure Call from ARM to FPGA is actually handled by a NIOS softcore in the FPGA.
shortly we are going to publish the FPGA toolchain so that you can develop FPGA images that interoperate with Arduino code just like the ones we're releasing.

and for retrogaming... well stay tuned something is coming!

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