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I am designing a rover that I want to mount an arm to. I want to make this arm grab objects based on a grid position. I want the arm to have 2-3 fingers, and I want it to rotate on 3-6 axis's. I want it to bring the objects it grabs closer to the face of the rover so it can analyze and take measurements of the object. I want this rover to have many other features too but i plan to split the tasks in between multiple arduino nano's controlled by a Raspberry Pi... In other words i want to make it fully autonomous but monitor-able....

I am just starting to use my arduino UNO after 3 or 4 years of owing it, so if that tells you anything it is like I just bought it. If anyone has suggestions that would help, I'm in way over my head with this one and would love some help.


You have LOT of mechanical engineering in that project. How is that coming?


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