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I need a simple user interface to control a single stepper motor using a TB6600 driver.

 The control panel should consists of
  • i2c OLED display
  • rotary encoder with push button
  • emergency stop
  • on/off switch
  • power LED

The encoder will allow users to navigate a nested menu to select different motor modes or change variables that effect motor drive. MVP should allow motor rotation in either direction and increase speed as encoder is turned in the corresponding direction as default mode.

My current development hardware is:
Arduino Uno
Nema 17 40oz motor
12v 3amp PSU
encoders/switches/OLED sourced from Amazon

I have the hardware working using the tutorial below, but lack the time to learn how to properly develop the UI I would like myself and hope to find an engineer to help me through this task. Payment via PayPal, 50% down, 50% on completion, other terms TBD.


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