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Sep 22, 2018, 04:58 pm Last Edit: Sep 22, 2018, 05:05 pm by baricz1
I need help for building a code, to run a 16 segments 16 grid VFD display. The driver is HV518 and I would like the display to show the clock(hour, minute, seconds) from a DS1307, temperature and humidity from a DHT22, the date (only month, day) and 20 different messages on different dates in a year. The messages must be set within the program, in the code. I would also need 3 buttons included in the code (menu, set +, set -).

If needed, I could pay with paypal.

Thank you indeed,



I want to run this display with Arduino UNO. The power supply is already built and the display shout show this:

Clock/Temperature/Humidity:             22-43xx22*Cx45RH
After 30 sec month/day:                     xxDECEMBERxxx22
After 3 sec show the clock again
After 30 sec show message if the is one, if it is more than 16 letters, scroll it side way 10 seconds.
The display shows only uppercase letters.

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