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Before I re-invent the wheel, just checking if maybe someone already came up with a simple way to create an OSC that is fast to calculate using PWM output.

I'm not looking into any fancy stuff, but something that is simply fast. ;-) Otherwise I will try to come up with my own. I already got 6 voices of fixed-pitch no-envelope drum-sounds from a single ATmega328 Arduino chip, now I want to check how I could add some SAW sounds. (not pulse) Also without envelope, as I'm using 8-bit and the envelope sounds pretty bad with 8-bits. ;-)


Not sure what you mean by that. Surly it is just an int parameter from 0 to 255?

I did cover OSC in my book


OSC = open sound control ?
SAW sounds = ?
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I have a suspicion that the OP means oscillator not OSC (Open Sound Control) and if so SAW probably means a sawtooth waveform. But who can really tell?


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