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I'm an artist / designer and I'm working on a new kinetic sculpture / film / sound project. I'm totally new to Arduino and need some guidance on how to go about this.

You can take a look at the plans for the project on my blog:

What is the minimum amount of hardware I would need to achieve the following?

• You push a button like this:
• The button triggers a stepper motor, making it go from zero RPM to a pre-set speed in about a second
• The button triggers an LED that goes from zero to a pre-set voltage, fading up at the same time as the motor
• The motor and LED got for 30 seconds, then fade back down to zero

I plan to make several of these (already got space in a gallery in New Orleans and another in Pittsburg) so I'd like the smallest and cheapest hardware possible to achieve this. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Sounds very easy!

I'm in fact going to be in Houma, La Monday

I actually got some of those Push buttons laying around, a HD Brushless DC motor and a steeper controller I could put together in some sort of way.

PM me some info
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