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Hi guys,

New to the forum and looking for some help as while being an aerospace engineer who can tell you tons about jets and helos, building a voice command device is totally new ground for me...

Project is to build a voice command system consisting of a handheld remote and a vehicle based receiver capable of switching several relays.  I have seen several tutorials on voive command boards with authentication connected toswitching boards with relays, but not much in hacking an existing remote.

I would like to use an existing Nvidia Shield remote for the handheld device. I only want to use the microphone/speech input feature. All other push buttons will be disabled.

So, the big question is; Is it possible to interface the speech portion of the commercial off tge shelf remote to a scratch built receiver?  And if so, what's the best way to do it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

...did I mention this is for my batmobile? 



Voice processing seems to be very difficult to perform on a remote control like this, maybe this remote control will only operate as a microphone via bluetooth, if this is so, there would not be much advantage in using this remote.

Maybe you can use a bluetooth microphone, along with a bluetooth receiver that has audio output, or maybe it's better to look for more advanced systems like Raspberry Pi, or even smartphones.

But, if you want to use the remote control, research how the original receiver works.
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